Uni Super Ink Marker Starting from $3.10

  • Unisinkblkea Uni Super Ink Marker Black 09Mm

Uni Super Ink Marker uses jet black pigment ink which can be written on almost any type of surface.

  • Utilises Newly Developed Oil Based , Fade-Free Jet Black Pigment Ink
  • Barrel is 47% Recycled
  • Laundry Marker
  • Writes Jet Black on Transparent Surfaces
  • Writes on Paper, Cloth, Packing Tape, Sports Balls, Glass and Many Other Surfaces

The Uni Super Ink Marker utilises a newly developed oil based fade-free jet black pigment Ink.
Ideal for writing in Jet Black on transparent surfaces such as packing tape and glass.
Works perfectly as a laundry marker and can be used to label sports equipment etc.
Line width of the Uni Super Ink Marker is approximately .9mm and they are sold as single pens or in pks of 12.

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Code Unit Description Dimensions Weight
UniSInkBlkeaEachUni Super Ink Marker 0.9mm150L x 10W x 10H20 (g)
UniSInkBlkBxBx12Uni Super Ink Marker 0.9mm160L x 90W x 80H150 (g)

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