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90 Chisel Artline Markers are Suitable for a Variety of Surfaces Including Cardboard, Wood, Steel and Glass.

Artline 90 Chisel Nib Marker

  • 2-5mm Line Width.
  • This Fibre Tip Marker is Xylene Free, Waterproof and Instant Drying.
  • Available in Colours Blue & Red.

Artline 90 markers feature a permanent ink for use on all types of marking , from porous surfaces such as cardboard and wood, to non-porous surfaces such as steel and glass.
The Artline 90 features a chisel point that can vary the width of line depending on which face of the chisel use choose to use.
All models share a Xylene Free permanent fast drying ink.

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Code Unit Description Dimensions Weight
90RedeaEachArtline 90 Chisel Point Red145L x 15W x 15H15 (g)
90BlueeaEachArtline 90 Chisel Point Blue145L x 15W x 15H15 (g)

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