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  • Cs08 Isomars 8 Piece Compass Set With Accessories
  • Tro4 Isomars Rapid Adjust Masterbow Compass Set With Extension Bar And Accessories

CS08 Eight Piece Compass Set:

  • Small Springbow Compass.
  • Main Compass.
  • Lead and Ruling Pen Attachment.
  • Pen Adaptor Screwdriver.
  • Sharpener.
  • Spare Leads.
  • Handle for use with Pencil or Ruling Pen.
  • Comes in a Plastic Case.

TR04 Rapid Adjust Master Compass:

  • Extension Bar.
  • Spare Leads and Pen Attachment.
  • Pressing Levers; Allowing for Rapid Adjustment.
  • Comes in a Plastic Case.

CS08 Eight piece compass set comprising small springbow, main compass with lead and ruling pen attachment, pen adaptor screwdriver, sharpener, spare leads and handle for use with pencilĀ  orĀ  ruling pen in a plastic case.

TR04 Rapid Adjust Master Compass. Comes with Extension Bar, Spare Leads and Pen Attachment. Pressing Levers allows Rapid Adjustment to the desired radius and centre wheel is then used to fine adjust to the exact dimension.

Code Unit Description Dimensions Weight
CS08EachCompass Set 8 piece200L x 80W x 20H120 (g)
TR04EachCompass Set Rapid Adjust Master185L x 23W x 77H160 (g)

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