Draftex A3 Drawing Board Starting from $27.00

  • Dba3 Draftex A3 Drawing Board View 1 2020
  • Dba3 Draftex A3 Drawing Board View 2 Tilters
  • Dba3kitd Draftex A3 Drawing Board Kit Includes Board Set Square Tilters  Kent Carry Bag View 1
  • Dba3kitd Draftex A3 Drawing Board Kit Includes Board Set Square Tilters  Kent Carry Bag View 2
  • Kentbag Kent Bag To Suit A3 Drawing Board


Draftex A3 Drawing Board is a great, well priced, portable desktop unit that is designed for working with A3 size drawings.

1.) DBA3 Draftex A3 Drawing Board - $34.35 (RRP) BTS SPECIAL PRICE $27.00

  • Double Locking Parallel Rule Featuring a Push Button Release and Additional Lock on Right Side.
  • Graduated Compass Plotting Scale along Top Edge.
  • Horizontal and Vertical Metric Rule Markings.
  • Magnetic Paper Clamping Rails with Additional Corner Clamp.
  • Set Square / Protractor Attachment for Measuring and Drawing Angles and Vertical Lines.
  • Set of Tilters, Reversible for 2 Separate Height Adjustments.
  • Stable Board Made of Durable Plastic.

2.) KENTBAG Kent Carry Bag to Suit A3 Drawing Board - $23.10

  • Clean, Modern Look.
  • Tear-Resistant, Durable Fabric Construction.
  • Smooth Zip Closure.
  • Carry Handles.
  • Extra-Secure Elastic Corner Strap for Stowing Drawing Board Safely.
  • Interior Compartment Features 2 Large Pockets.
  • 3 Pen Holders and a Business Card Holder.
  • Plenty of Room to Store Drawing Instruments.

3.) DBA3KITD - $55.40 (RRP) BTS SPECIAL PRICE $47.00

  • Draftex A3 Drawing Board.
  • Kent A3 Carry Bag.

The Draftex A3 Drawing Board Model DBA3 features a double locking square mechanism with addition fix down lock on the right hand edge. Paper is held in place with sprung clamps. A sliding set square runs along the square to allow drawing of angles of 90 and 45 degrees. Other degrees can be marked out using the inbuilt protractor.

The Market

Users of the Draftex range of Portable Drawing Boards include Architects, Landscape Designers, Interior Designers, Kitchen Designers, Students, Builders and Construction Companies, Schools, TAFE Colleges and Universities.

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Code Unit Description Dimensions Weight
DBA3EachDraftex A3 Drawing Board Double Locking530L x 390W x 65H3000 (g)
KENTBAGEachKent Bag to Suit A3 Drawing Board700L x 500W x 30H550 (g)
DBA3KITDKitDraftex A3 Drawing Board with Kent Bag620L x 470W x 80H3100 (g)

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