Draftex have their range of compasses manufactured by a German factory that has been run by family for generations. The produce a range of quality instruments that are accurate and economical.
Quickbow Compasses allow the rapid setting of approximate radii then fine adjustment to achieve the required measurement. Springbow Compasses are designed to hold their settings by combining the compression of a spring against the adjusting thread.
Beam Compasses are used for the dawing of very large circles or radii.
Draftex keeps a range of accessories such as pen attachments, spare parts and compass leads.

Compasses & Dividers

An extensive range of quality German made Compasses including Masterbow, Springbow Drop Bow and Beam Compass varieties in sets with and without Extensions Arms, Compass Accessories Including Leads, C

Compass Accessories

Compass Accessories Including Leads, Cutting Blades, Mechanical Pencil and Ink Pen Adaptors