Scale rules in all popular graduations in brands such as Draftex Staedtler,Isomars, Rotring and Kent are all stocked. The oval section scales conform to AS1212 standards and feature colour coding to help identify the model. Each oval section scale has two graduations per edge making a total of 8 per ruler. This compares to 6 on a triangular scale as all but the Isomars and Rotring models have one graduation per edge.
Roller rules offer an economical way of drawing and measuring a parallel line.
Map Measures are often used to estimate quantities by being used to measure off sections of drawings. The digital model can bet set to a variety of scales to match the drawing being measured.

Scale Rulers Oval

Draftex, Linex and Staedtler Scale Rulers in Oval / Flat Section Profiles. 15 and 30cm Options with Various Scale Combinations. Made to AS1212 Standard.

Scale Rulers Triangular

Extensive range of Triangular Scale Rules. Leading brands such as Draftex Kent & Isomars Scale Rulers. Each ruler is Colour Coded with a wide variety of Scales.

Roller Ruler

Roller Ruler Suitable for Drawing Parallel Lines, Circles, Angles and other Geometric Shapes, Increments in Inches and Centimetres