Draftex Cutting Mats Starting from $8.35

  • Cutmat Draftex Self Healing Green Cutting Mats Available In A4 A3 A2 A1 Sizes


Draftex Self Healing Green Cutting Mats are designed to withstand sharp cutting blades while not blunting the blade and help protect any underlying desktop/workbench surfaces.

  • Keeps Knives and Blades Sharper for Longer
  • Protects Other Work Surfaces
  • Gridlines Printed on Surface Help Alignment of Work Piece
  • Available in Sizes to Suit A4, A3, A2 and A1 Sheets

Draftex Cutting Mats are an essential item to have in your range of drawing and model making tools. They are designed to be self healing - your cuts do not leave a distinguishable mark on the surface and therefore do not interfere with the accuracy of your work.
Cutting blades keep sharper much longer as the soft surface layer of the cutting mat is very forgiving to their edge.
A grid pattern on the surface helps with alignment and greater accuracy of results when cutting.
Sizes available range from 900 x 600 to take A1 , 600 x 450 for A2, 450 x 300 for A3 and 300 x 200 for A4.
Care should be taken with cutting mats regarding exposure to strong sunlight or excessive heat as this can cause the surface to buckle. It is possible to flatten this buckling using heat and weights and a search of the web will show a successful method that will suit you best.

Made From:

  • 0.07mm - New PVC
  • 0.93mm - Recycle PVC
  • 1.00mm - Good Recycle Board
  • 0.93mm Recycle PVC
  • 0.07mm New PVC
Code Unit Description Dimensions Weight
CMA4EachA4 Cutting Mat 220 x 300mm Green300L x 220W x 50H300 (g)
CMA3EachA3 Cutting Mat 300 x 450mm Green450L x 300W x 50H2500 (g)
CMA2EachA2 Cutting Mat 450 x 600mm Green600L x 450W x 50H3100 (g)
CMA1EachA1 Cutting Mat 600 x 900mm Green930L x 640W x 50H3100 (g)

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