Steel Rules Starting from $2.10

  • Steel15 30 45 60 100Cm Stainless Steel Cutting Rulers

Stainless Steel Rules have highly accurate graduations which start from the very edge of the rule.

  • Stainless Steel.
  • Most Durable Rules.
  • Include Metric Graduations.
  • Available in 15cm, 30cm (Imperial One Side / Metric Other), 45cm, 60cm (Imperial One Side / Metric Other), and 100cm (Imperial One Side / Metric Other) Lengths.

Steel rulers are very useful for measuring from a point on a solid object as the end can be butted right up against the start point. Rulers made from other material always have a short blank space before the zero point and can't be used in this way.
Steel rules are of course the most durable and can be graduated very finely which makes the very accurate.
Sizes of 100cm, 60cm, 45cm, 30cm and 15cm are our stock options.

Code Unit Description Dimensions Weight
Steel15EachSteel Rule 15cm210L x 40W x 1H15 (g)
Steel30EachSteel Rule 30cm340L x 35W x 2H44 (g)
Steel45EachSteel Rule 45cm480L x 22W x 2H320 (g)
Steel60EachSteel Rule 60cm635L x 38W x 2H144 (g)
Steel100EachSteel Rule 100cm1058L x 38W x 2H240 (g)

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