Staedtler Mars Micro Colour Leads Starting from $13.20

  • 254 Staedtler Mars Micro 05Mm Colour Leads For Mechanical Pencils


Staedtler Mars Micro Colour 0.5mm Leads Available in Red or Green.

  • Staedtler Mars Micro 0.5mm Coloured Leads.
  • Available in Tube of Red or Green.
  • 12 Leads Per Tube.

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Staedtler 254 Coloured .5mm Leads use the highest quality pigments to ensure the sharpest colours available. Choose between Red or Green in tubes of 12 leads.

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Code Unit Description Dimensions Weight
25405REDTube 12Staedtler Mars Micro Leads 0.5mm - Red90L x 10W x 7H2 (g)
25405GREENTube 12Staedtler Mars Micro Leads 0.5mm - Green90L x 10W x 7H2 (g)

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