Morn Sun

Morn Sun

Morn Sun is a Taiwanese Based Company who have been Producing Professional Quality Cutting Materials and Tools Since their Establishment in 1991.

Morn Sun takes Pride in their Responsibility of Environmental Protection. They Continually Develop Green Products and Resources. Morn Sun Believes that Environmental Protection is the Vital Lifeblood for Enterprises to Survive Continuously, the Company takes up Environmental Protection Responsibility as one of its Basic Tasks.

We are Proud Sellers of Morn Sun Aluminium Non Slip Cutting Rules.

Aluminium Non Slip Cutting Rulers

Aluminium Non Slip Cutting Rule Metric Graduations (Millimeters) Wide 35mm Profile Rubber Strip on the Underside Prevents the Rule from Sliding When Cutting Knife is Used Finger Recess for Extra Safet