2mm Red & Blue Leads Starting from $31.60

  • 204 Mars 2Mm Lumochrom Coloured Leads For Clutch Pencils Leadholders
  • 2Milblue Clutch Pencil Leads 2Mm Blue

Staedtler Mars 2mm Red & Blue Leads for Clutch Pencil.

  • Professional Quality Leads for 2mm Clutch Pencils.
  • Ideal for Manual Drawing.
  • For Use on Paper Media.
  • 130mm Long.

For Staedtler Mars Carbon 2mm Leads click here

Staedtler 2mm Clutch Pencil Leads in Red and Blue are manufactured from the finest raw materials to produce unrivaled consistency of quality. Available in 2 colours to suit all brands of clutch pencil.The blue colour is traditionally used for marking out guidelines for hand lettering, often with a Boydco lettering guide or similar.
The use of the clutch pencil allows nearly all of the lead to be utilised unlike a woodcase pencil which is generally discarded when sharpening eventually makes it too short to hold.

Code Unit Description Dimensions Weight
2042MarsRedbxPk12Staedtler Mars Carbon 2mm Leads Red157L x 29W x 10H27 (g)
2043MarsBluebxPk12Staedtler Mars Carbon 2mm Leads Blue157L x 29W x 10H27 (g)
2MILBlueTube12Clutch Pencil Lead 2mm BLUE150L x 30W x 10H27 (g)

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