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  • Celco Mini And Maxi
  • Celcomini Celco Vinyl Economy Eraser Mini Size
  • Celcomaxi Celco Vinyl Economy Eraser Maxi Size

Celco Maxi and Mini Economic Vinyl Erasers for Graphite and Coloured Pencils.

  • Smudge Free.
  • Sleeved.
  • Two Sizes Available - Mini & Maxi.
  • Available Individually or Discount Pack of 10.

Ceclo Maxi and Mini erasers are economy vinyl erasers suitable for graphite or coloured pencil. They come wrapped in a cardboard sleeve and provide a clean erasure with minimal residue and leave the drawing surface ready for more work.

Code Unit Description Dimensions Weight
CelcoMiniEachCelco Mini Eraser40L x 22W x 11H16 (g)
CelcoMaxiEachCelco Maxi Eraser55L x 22W x 11H23 (g)
CelcoMiniPk10Pk 10Celco Mini Eraser Discount Pack40L x 22W x 110H160 (g)
CelcoMaxiPk10Pk 10Celco Maxi Eraser Discount Pack55L x 22W x 110H230 (g)

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