PFP5 B1 Plan Trolley plus 10 Clamps $543.60

  • Pfp5 Draftex Plan Filing Package No5 1 X A0 10 Clamp Capacity Trolley With 10 X B1 Clamps View 1
  • Pfp5 Draftex Plan Filing Package No8 1 X A0 10 Clamp Capacity Trolley With 10 X B1 Clamps View 2
  • Pfp5 Draftex Plan Filing Package No8 1 X A0 10 Clamp Capacity Trolley With 10 X B1 Clamps View 3
  • Pfp5 Draftex Plan Filing Package No5 1 X A0 10 Clamp Capacity Trolley With 10 X B1 Clamps View 4
Without Compromising Quality or Strength
the Draftex Plan Trolley & Clamp Range is
Priced Lower than other Brands

This is a great low cost start up system for the small or home office.

Draftex Plan Filing Package No.5 (PFP5) comprises of a Draftex Plan Filing Trolley with the capacity to hold 10 x clamps at once, fixed to a suitable height for hanging up to A0 sized (or smaller) drawings with inclusive 10 x Draftex Plan Filing Clamps in B1 size.

  • This DPTA010 Trolley and 10 DPCB1 Clamps provide compact storage of up to 1000 B1 size drawings.
  • Floor space usage is minimised so it is ideal for office situations or site sheds where things are tight.
  • 1 x Draftex A0 Plan Trolley (10 Clamp Capacity)
  • 10 x Draftex B1 Clamps
SAVE $60.40
(Compared To Buying The Trolley And Clamps Separately)

Specifications and Dimensions for Trolleys here and Clamps here

Price Ex GST Price Incl GST
$494.18 $543.60

Product Range

Plan Clamps - DPCA1, DPCB1, DPCA0

Plan Trolleys - DPTA1, DPTA110, DPTA0, DPTA010

Wall Racks - DWR1000


The Draftex Range of Plan Filing Equipment consists of Trolleys, Wall Brackets and Clamps. The integral part of the system is the clamp and it’s design. The requirement of a good plan clamp is to hold from 1 to 100 sheets of paper securely. Then the loaded clamp must be able to be stored in a wall rack or trolley and easily removed and returned to the same location to maintain a filing sequence. Plans must be easily loaded in to the clamp and removed or replaced efficiently. Clamps should ideally match the paper sizes in use.

The Draftex Plan Clamp incorporates features which meet all of these requirements and more. The design uses three sections of aluminium extrusion. Two spring loaded side sections pivot from the central spine of the clamp and are spaced apart to allow ease of loading and to maintain constant clamping pressure whether fully or partly loaded. The carry handle is alloy and incorporates the front loading notch. Draftex Plan Clamps are the only ones to consider the important ergonomics of this handle placement. They are located for ease of placement and removal from the trolley and more importantly for balance in the users’ hand. A fully loaded A0 Clamp can hold over 8kg of paper. If a plan clamp handle is not located in a balanced position the leverage on a person’s hand and wrist can be extreme.

The Front Loading design facilitates ease of hanging the clamps in a trolley or wall bracket and allows the filing sequence to be maintained. Draftex Plan Clamps have a transparent indexing clip for easy identification of the contents. The all metal construction ensures a long service life with no maintenance requirement – all backed by a 10 year product warranty.

Draftex Plan Trolleys come in four options to suit drawing size and office or site space requirements. A loaded Draftex Plan Trolley takes up less floor space than other brands due to the efficient placement of the components that result in minimum overhang. Wall racks are a popular space saver in site sheds. The heavy gauge pressed steel used in the manufacture of the Draftex Trolleys make them the strongest on the market.


Plan filing is an important requirement of Architectural, Engineering and Construction Industry practice. The trolley and clamp system is a proven way of managing sets of drawings and having them available for easy access. The versatility of the system makes it suitable for the widest range of users from the smallest enterprise up to the largest corporate.


Draftex Plan Filing holds a commanding market share in the Australian market with over 50,000 plan clamps now in use. The combination of high quality, ergonomic design and low price has ensured market success. The two piece design of the Planhorse brand of clamp cannot match the ease of use, particularly the opening to load function, the wide range of clamping efficiency, the ergonomic handle placement and the all metal construction of the Draftex clamp. Other brands have kitchen drawer handles and plastic clips that they pivot from. The Draftex range cannot be beaten when all factors are considered even though it is probably the lowest price product available.

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Code Unit Description Dimensions Weight
PFP5PkgDPTA010 with 10 B1 Clamps1000L x 1000W x 96H23000 (g)

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