Staedtler Marsmatic 750 Nibs Starting from $37.55

  • 750M Staedtler Mars Maticreplacement Nib For700 Technical Pen

Staedtler Marsmatic 750 Replacement Nibs for Staedtler Marsmatic 700 Technical Pens equipped with line size indicator, ISO colour code and screw cap with metal clip comes in a hard plastic case.

  • Replacement Nib for Marsmatic 700 Technical Pens.
  • Durable Chrome Plated Tips.
  • For Use on Tracing Paper.
  • Available in 0.18, 0.25, 0.35, 0.5 and 0.7mm Sizes.

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Staedtler Marsmatic 750 replacement technical pen nibs re available in ISO sizes from .13mm.18mm,.25mm,.35mm,.5mm and .7mm.
The tips are hardened chrome steel for precision fine lines.
Marsmatic 750 nibs can be easily removed from the pen body by using the hexagonal spanner located in the end of the handle.
Regular removal and cleaning of the nib section improves reliability by clearing the breathing helix.

Code Unit Description Dimensions Weight
750M018EachMarsmatic 750 Nib - 0.1858L x 38W x 16H12 (g)
750M025EachMarsmatic 750 Nib - 0.2558L x 38W x 16H12 (g)
750M035EachMarsmatic 750 Nib - 0.3558L x 38W x 16H12 (g)
750M050EachMarsmatic 750 Nib - 0.558L x 38W x 16H12 (g)
750M070EachMarsmatic 750 Nib - 0.758L x 38W x 16H12 (g)

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