1422 A2 Drafting Unit $261.75

  • 1422 Draftex A2 Desktop Drafting Board With Pmu Carryhandle Tilt Stand View 1
  • 1422 Draftex A2 Desktop Drafting Board With Pmu Carryhandle Tilt Stand View 2
  • 1422 Draftex A2 Desktop Drafting Board With Pmu Carryhandle Tilt Stand View 3
  • 1422 Draftex A2 Desktop Drafting Board With Pmu Carryhandle Tilt Stand View 4

Draftex 1422 A2 Portable Desktop Drawing Board consists of a drawing board designed to suit A2 size drawings and is equipped with a Draftex Parallel Motion Rule and a kick-stand/handle unit for angle and portability.

  • Features Single Locking Parallel Motion Rule
  • Carry Handle Doubles as Stand
  • Board Size 700 x 550mm For A2 Drawings
  • A2 Drawings Fit Above Top Edge of Rule

For Adjustable Set Squares Click here

The Draftex 1422 Portable Desktop Drafting Unit is designed for A2 size drawings and is fitted with our Draftex Parallel Motion Rule.
This device is guided by wires and runs in a perfectly parallel line from top to bottom of the board. This rule can be locked in to place so that you can rest other drawing aids such as set squares,templates or adjustable set squares on the top edge.
The Parallel rule effectively frees one hand when compared to working with a Tee Square as it does not need to be held in place.
Working with ink is made easier because the rule is elevated from the work surface by sprung rollers reducing the potential for capilliary action.
A2 paper fits above the top edge of the parallel rule.
The carry handle of the 1422 Drafting Unit makes portability easy and also provides an inclined working surface when in use.

Product Range

Draftex Models 1521, 1522, 1421, 1422, 1301, 1302, 1201, 1202 and DBA3


The Draftex Portable Drawing Boards in Models 1521 thru to 1202, are a range developed in response for the clear demand for a good quality small drawing board at a realistic price.

Our goal was to find well manufactured components and assemble them in to a well priced range of portable drawing boards. At the time we were driven to do this by the high price of imported units that were regularly admired in our showroom but were obviously outside the budget of most people. Our quest to produce our own units eventually led us to seven different suppliers - each with their own item of componentry.

To bring the costs down to a level that would allow affordability to the widest market we had to commit to serious quantities of components and have them manufactured to our standards by the most suitable factories. We then assemble those components in our own facility and every unit is hand checked and packed by our own staff. The end results saw us offering the Draftex Portable Drawing Board range at a fraction of the cost of ready made imported boards. This had the planned affect and many thousands of them are in use in offices, universities, schools and home studies across Australia.

Some of the innovations incorporated included extending the board size to allow for Parallel Rules or Tee Squares to be used without either of these items covering the drawing area of the paper.

Models 15 and 14 have locking Parallel Motion Rules that allow the user to draw accurate parallel lines. When in the locked position they free the hands for using an adjustable set square for angles or a scale rule to measure.

The Models 13 and 12 can be used as a plain drawing surface or with a Tee Square. If a product has the last number of its code as a "1" it is designed for A1 sized paper and if it ends in a "2" it suits A2 size.

The Market

Users of the Draftex range of Portable Drawing Boards include Architects, Landscape Designers, Interior Designers, Kitchen Designers, Students, Builders and Construction Companies, Schools, TAFE Colleges and Universities.


Draftex Portable Drawing Boards in the Range 1521 to 1202 have a unique place in the market as a result of our efforts to make a quality product at a low price. There were some UK imports available once but the Draftex models were better performers at around a third of the cost. We believe they are no longer available.

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Code Unit Description Dimensions Weight
1422Each1422 Drawing Board A2 with PMU & Handle760L x 650W x 120H7200 (g)

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