Drawing Board Clips are designed to hold paper down on to the drawing board and are usally employed four at a time.
Moleskine Style Notebooks are a favourite item to have always at hand and are a must for the designer to capture the ideas of the moment.
Colour Wheels make matching, blending and colour schematics a much easier process.

Drawing Board Clips

Drawing Board Clips are made of Nickel plated Spring Steel. Used for Holding Plans, Documents and Paper Firmly in Place on a Drawing Board. Available in Pack of 4 or Singles.

Moleskine Style Draftex Notebook

Moleskine Style Draftex Notebook 14 x 9cm 192 Lined Acid-Free Pages $15.95

Artist Colour Wheel

Artist Colour Wheel 27cm Diameter. Illustrates Visually and Instantly the Results of Colour Mixing. Shows Primary, Secondary and Intermediate Colours.

Charcoal Sticks

Premium Artist Quality Charcoal Sticks. 3 Sticks Soft Charcoal Pk 3/16" (4.5 x 15mm Length) Uses; Shading, Smudging and Blending Effects

Budget Drawing Board Clips

Budget Drawing Board Clips Made in Plastic. Available in Sets of 4.