Adhesives and Tapes for mounting of artwork and drawings, glues for model making and solvent cleaners for removing residue.
Uhu All Purpose Glue is popular for model making where Foamcore Board is used.
Spray Adhesives are ideal when a large area needs to be prepared for mounting drawings or artwork and 3M 700 Solvent Cleaner is great for removing residue.


Glue Sticks and Adhesives in Tubes for a Variety of Purposes and Surfaces

Spray Adhesives & Solvent Cleaners

3M and Micador Sprays Including Adhesives for Mounting and Gluing. Solvent Cleaner for removal of Glue residue


3M Scotch Tape, Clear Adhesive Tape, Cloth Tapes, Double Sided Tapes, Drafting Dots, Masking Tape and Packaging Tape