Celco Glue Sticks Starting from $1.20

  • Gluestk Celco Gluestik 8G 21G 36G
  • Gluestk8 Celco Gluestik 8G
  • Gluestk21 Celco Gluestik 21G
  • Gluestk36 Celco Gluestik 36G

Celco Glue Sticks contain fast, clear drying and colourless glue. Great for bonding papers, cardboard and photos.

  • Acid Free
  • Non Toxic
  • Clear
  • Washable
  • Sizes Available; 8g & 21g

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Celco glue sticks feature a solvent free adhesive which dries fast and minimises mess and waste. It spreads easily & sticks immediately. It will wash out of fabrics that have been accidentally coated. It comes in a dispenser with rotating base that feeds out the adhesive a has a plastic cap to prevent drying out.

Code Unit Description Dimensions Weight
GlueStk8EachCelco Glue Stick 8gm82L x 20W x 20H18 (g)
GlueStk15EachCelco Glue Stick 21gm96L x 24W x 24H37 (g)

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