Cloth Tape Starting from $8.95

  • Cloth Stylus Cloth Tape 48Mm In Black Red Green Blue

Cloth tape is an adhesive tape made with a cloth backing.It is ideal for binding the edge of sets of plans, repairing book spines and as a temporary covering for cabling on floors.It is flexible and can be easily torn across the width of the weave. It behaves in a similar way to duct tape but comes in colours. Stylus Brand Cloth Tape at a Special Price.

  • 48mm Roll Width
  • Available in Black, Red, Blue and Green

Cloth tape is a versatile cloth based adhesive tape suitable for a variety of uses including binding the spines of sets of drawings, book repairs and adding strength to padded papers.
Colour coding of projects is made possible with the variety of colours available.
Cloth tape is made to easily rip across the roll weave making it a quick to use.

Code Unit Description Dimensions Weight
CLOTHRDRollRed Cloth Tape 48mm x 25m123L x 123W x 48H401 (g)
CLOTHBKRollBlack Cloth Tape 48mm x 25m122L x 122W x 48H409 (g)
CLOTHBLRollBlue Cloth Tape 48mm x 25m128L x 128W x 48H429 (g)
CLOTHGRRollGreen Cloth Tape 48mm x 25m128L x 128W x 48H429 (g)

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