Aluminium Non Slip Cutting Rulers Starting from $5.30

  • Acrns30 45 60 Mornsun Aluminium Cutting Ruler With Non Slip Base In 30 45 60Cm Lengths

Aluminium Non Slip Cutting Rulers are designed with an underlying rubber strip to help prevent slippage when cutting with a knife.

  • Metric Graduations (Millimeters)
  • Wide 35mm Profile
  • Rubber Strip on the Underside Prevents the Ruler from Sliding When Cutting Knife is Used
  • Finger Recess for Extra Safety

Aluminium non slip rulers feature a rubber strip on the underside of the rule. This greatly helps to hold the rule in place while you measure, draw or cut along the edge.
One edge is graduated in millimeters and the other has a raised section with the latter being the preferred edge for cutting along. The raised section gives a little extra protection too the hand should you slip with the blade.
There is a slight recess that is the natural place for the fingers to hold down the rule while cutting.
Available sizes are 100cm, 60cm, 45cm and 30cm lengths.

Code Unit Description Dimensions Weight
ACRNS15EachAluminium Non-Slip Cutting Rule 15cm205L x 55W x 5H50 (g)
ACRNS30EachAluminium Non-Slip Cutting Rule 30cm355L x 55W x 5H200 (g)
ACRNS45EachAluminium Non-Slip Cutting Rule 45cm505L x 55W x 5H400 (g)
ACRNS60EachAluminium Non-Slip Cutting Rule 60cm705L x 55W x 5H450 (g)
ACRNS100EachAluminium Non-Slip Cutting Rule 100cm1055L x 55W x 5H3100 (g)

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