Razor Blades Starting from $4.95

  • Astrablades Double Edge Stainless Blades Pk5
  • Ssblade The Famous Smith Brand Single Sided Razor Blade

Astra Superior Platinum Double Edge Blades are known for their sharpness and durability and feature platinum coating for enhanced comfort.

Smith Branded Single Sided Razor Blades are made in the USA and fits most single edge scraper or cutter and are used for accurate cutting for various materials.

  • Double Sided Razor Blades in Packs of 5
  • Single Sided Blades Sold Individually

Astra Razor Blades are double sided and primarily offered as tools to remove drawing ink from tracing paper and drafting film by careful scraping.
The flexible blade is preferred for this task as it helps leave the drawing surface undamaged.
The advantage being the when you draw again with ink it does not feather or bleed in to the surface.

Single Sided Razor Blades such as our Famous Smith Brand are also suitable for removing ink lines.
The stiffened steel back makes for safer use and gives the blade the dual purpose of a cutting tool as well.
Material such as foam core board, card and plastics can be cut and trimmed accurately with the Famous Smith.

Code Unit Description Dimensions Weight
AstrabladesPk 5Double Sided Razor Blades48L x 27W x 8H4 (g)
SSBladeEachSingle Sided Razor Blade40L x 22W x 1H2 (g)

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