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Surgical Quality Scalpel Handles and Blades for precision cutting applications.

  • For Accurate Cutting and Model Making
  • Scalpel Handle No. 3 - Use Blades No.10 - 15
  • Scalpel Handle No. 4 - Use Blades No. 20 - 24

The use of a scalpel for cutting materials for model making, manual graphics work or craft projects has been a popular choice for generations.
The extreme sharpness of scalpel blades enables clean accurate cuts to be made in a wide variety of materials including foam core board, card, boxboard, fabrics and plastics. 
The variety of blade shapes allows the user to choose the most suitable one for the task at hand, just as a surgeon does.
A hooked blade such as a No.12 may suit the trimming of material while a 10A or 11 could be the choice if cutting a straight line along a ruler.
There are two types of fittings - one is the No. 3 pattern handle which accepts all blade shapes starting with No.1 and the No.4 which accepts blade shapes starting with the No. 2.

Code Unit Description Dimensions Weight
SCALPHNDL3EachScalpel Handle No.3122L x 13W x 3H24 (g)
SCALPHNDL4EachScalpel Handle No.4135L x 15W x 3H25 (g)
SCALPBLD10eaEachScalpel Blade No.1076L x 25W x 1H1 (g)
SCALPBLD10AeaEachScalpel Blade No.10A76L x 25W x 1H1 (g)
SCALPBLD11eaEachScalpel Blade No.1176L x 25W x 1H1 (g)
SCALPBLD12eaEachScalpel Blade No.1276L x 25W x 1H1 (g)
SCALPBLD20eaEachScalpel Blade No.2076L x 25W x 1H1 (g)
SCALPBLD21eaEachScalpel Blade No.2176L x 25W x 1H1 (g)
SCALPBLD23eaEachScalpel Blade No.2376L x 25W x 1H1 (g)
SCALPBLD24eaEachScalpel Blade No.2476L x 25W x 1H0 (g)
SCALPBLD25eaEachScalpel Blade No.2576L x 25W x 1H1 (g)
SCALPBLD10AbxBox 100Scalpel Blade No.10A95L x 75W x 30H123 (g)
SCALPBLD20bxBox 100Scalpel Blade No.2095L x 75W x 30H125 (g)
SCALPBLD21bxBox 100Scalpel Blade No.2195L x 75W x 30H125 (g)
SCALPBLD22bxBox 100Scalpel Blade No.2295L x 75W x 30H125 (g)
SCALPBLD23bxBox 100Scalpel Blade No.2395L x 75W x 30H125 (g)
SCALPBLD24bxBox 100Scalpel Blade No.2495L x 75W x 30H125 (g)
SCALPBLD25bxBox 100Scalpel Blade No.2595L x 75W x 30H123 (g)

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