Set squares with graduted edges in both Draftex ATI and adjustable set squares in 300mm and 250mm options.

Draftex Adjustable Set Squares

Acrylic Adjustable Set Square with Bevelled and Inking Edge, Also Known as an Adjustable Trigonometric Triangle, Measurements in Degrees, Slope and Rise, Clear Square with White Quadrant, Magnified C

Budget Adjustable Set Squares

Budget Adjustable Set Squares Available in 250mm Size. Include Bevelled Edges with Graduations. Quadrant is Made of White Plastic with Graduations 0 to 9

Draftex Set Square Sets

Draftex Set Square Sets 1 x 45° and 1 x 60°/30°. Graduations Start at Corner and Extend to End, Slight Bevel to Graduated Edge, May Be Inverted for Ruling With Markers or Ink, Tough Acrylic Material.

Kent Set Square Sets

Popular Kent Set Square Sets in 30°, 45° and 60°. Made From Slim Flexible Plastic, Graduations begin at Corner and Extend Full Length.