Clutch Pencils for 2mm Leads are designed to provde a superior grip and feel to the designer while at the same time maximising the use of the lead within. Regular woodcase pencils can no longer be held comfortably in the hand once they have been sharpened down to a short length. Clutch Pencils grip the lead right down to the last piece. Pocket clips stop the pencil from rolling on an inclined surface and knurled metal sections on some models provide a good grip.

Draftex Clutch Pencil 2mm

5230 Traditional Blue Barrel and Chrome With Metal Grip, Pocket Clip, Lead Pointer and Lead Indicator.

Staedtler Mars Clutch Pencil 2mm

Staedtler Mars Norris 788C and Technico 780C Clutch Pencils to Suit 2mm Leads. Metal Pocket Clip and Ferrule. Metal Finger Grip, Pocket Clip and Ferrule Push Button End is Lead Pointer / Sharpener.