Mechanical pencils for drafting and design use have an important feature that sets them apart from a mechanical pencil for handwriting.
The drafting pencils have a metal sleeve that envelops the lead as it extends from the end of the pencil. This acts to protect the lead from breakage and most importantly allows the drawing of lines along a ruler, set square or template where the metal sleeve is the contact point and not the lead.
Our range includes the ever popular Staedtler Micro series, budget Draftex model in bonus pack that includes 2B leads and an eraser and the amazing new Uni Kuri Toga model with an incredibly clever rotational self sharpening system.
Sizes stocked are .3,.5,.7, and .9mm where available within the brands.

Draftex Fineline Mechanical Pencil

Fineline Mechanical Lead Pencil in 0.5mm. Available in Plastic Barrel. Comes with 10 x 2B Grade Leads and Eraser.

Uni Kuru Toga Mechanical Pencils

Mechanical Pencil with Rotating Mechanism to Keep The Lead Sharp, Clear Grip, Sturdy Hard Wearing Plastic Barrel, Retractable, Eraser in End Cap. Available in Singles or Box of 12.

Staedtler Mars Micro Mechanical Pencils

Staedtler Mars 775 Micro Mechanical Pencils. Available in 0.3, 0.5, 0.7 and 0.9mm or in Wallet of 3. Optional 77N R52 Spare Eraser Tube.