A range of erasers suitable for a variety of purposes including the most comon of pencil on paper. Vinyl erasers have been the favourite for many years.
Ink erasure has changed from the old style of using abrasion to remove the lines and part of the paper surface to a chemical reaction that saves the paper. The Staedtler 526508 is impregnated with a solvent that reacts with drawing ink and dissolves it from the paper surface. Small encapsulated droplets are released on to the ink while erasing then rolled in to the waste residue leaving a clean surface ready for correction.
Kneadable erasers work by absorbing lead and charcoal residue when applied.
Cleaning Pads are ideal for removing residue from a work in progress including perspiration, lead smudges and dirty marks.
Erasing sheilds protect your work while you remove parts that you wish to modify.
Dusting Brushes work well for clearing eraser residue off the drawing surface.

Pelikan Al Eraser

Eraser for Lead Pencil. Phthalate-Free, Gentle on Paper, Use for all Surfaces.

Staedtler Eraser for Pencil

Mars Plastic Eraser 526 50. Professional Quality Eraser for Pencil. Available in Singles or a Box of 20.

Staedtler Eraser for Ink and Pencil

Staedtler 526 508 Eraser for Pencil and Film. One Half is Ecapsulated with a Solvent that Dissoles Drawing Ink. Does Not Rely on Abrasion to Remove Ink. Leaves Paper Surface Ready for Drawing. Availab

Rotring Vinyl Eraser

Vinyl Eraser for Polymer/Graphite Pencil Lines. Works by Rolling Up Graphite and Dirt Particles in Eraser Dust. Available in Singles or a Box of 20.

Kent Precision Battery Eraser

Kent Battery Eraser has a pen style body which makes it easy to use, hold and control. Available with two width erasers

Staedtler Mars Eraser Holder

Eraser for Pencil. Holder Allows Maximum Use of Eraser. Refills Available.

Kneadable Eraser

Kent Kneadable Eraser. Ideal for Cleaning Smudged Graphite From Drawings, Absorbs Marks and Readies Surface for Drawing.

Dusting Brush

Dusting Brush For Cleaning Drawing and Board Surfaces.

Erasing Shield

Draftex 2402 Erasing Shields in Stainless Steel Allows Accurate Erasure While Protecting Other Work.